Ariel shot of the original Aleboat. Great South Bay, Long Island NY.


I decided to create a sailing blog in March 2016. I've always been a fan of publishing my journeys, capturing moments on the water, and sharing the new skills I've acquired with the help of some old books bought at the local marine consignment shop and some old salt water gurus.

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York. I started out surfing, skating and fishing, but found my true passion for cruising sailing. I bought my first boat in 2010, a 1972 Grampian G26. The perfect weekender for a first time sailor. Five years later, to current day it was time for an upgrade. Having a high maintenance wife with baby on the way, the need for more space, a little more luxury and a more modern feel was essential. I currently cruise in a 1992 Hunter 28'.

Hoping both new and old pirates at heart find this blog to be helpful, entertaining and enlightening. Sailing videos, photos and commentary about exciting sailing adventures really fills my sails, hope my blog does the same for you! Enjoy!